I am not a wine drinker. I have never met a wine that I liked so unfortunately, I don’t have a supply of bottles to decorate. I have seen a plethora of tutorials on Pinterest and some of them are so cool. Luckily, a friend was over last week and brought me a couple of bottles to tinker with. Today, I wanted to share with you my first ever wine bottle craft.

The first step for most wine bottle projects is to remove the label. Again, I had read a lot of posts and tutorials on this already. The first method I tried was to fill the bottle with very hot water. This was supposed to heat the glue from the inside and get it to release. For me, this method was a fail. The second method I tried worked great. Since the bottles were already full of hot water I left them full and submerged them into a sink full of the hottest tap water I could from the kitchen sink. I then added 1/4 cup baking soda, 1 Tbs Dawn dish soap, and a 1/2 cup white vinegar. Add the vinegar last, and once added, the mixture will bubble or foam. I used a green scratch pad to scrub the label area. The scratch pad is worn out enough that I knew it wouldn’t be abrasive. These bottles had two labels on each bottle so when I was scrubbing one label area the other label was soaking in the mixture. I kept rotating the bottle until I was able to remove all of the label and the adhesive. Then I washed the bottle as I normally would with Dawn dish soap and during rinsing I could see if I had gotten everything or not. I would guess that, start to finish, removing the four labels on both bottles maybe took about five minutes with this method.

Now to the fun part! I let the bottles dry while I finished gathering my supplies. For this project, I knew I wanted to color the bottle and add scrapbook paper flowers. I added a couple of drops of food coloring to my matte Modge Podge until I thought it looked like the shade I wanted. I used a soft bristle paint brush and brushed the now green matte Modge Podge over the entire bottle. As the first coat of Modge Podge was drying, I started cutting out my scrapbook flowers. As you check on the bottle to see if it’s dry, the Modge Podge will go from looking milky to looking more clear and transparent. Once I had a couple of flowers cut, my bottle looked dry and I decided I wanted to add a second coat of Modge Podge. Again, I brushed it on the entire bottle, but I decided this time I wanted to “blot” it with a paper towel. Not sure why, but I’m a “blotter.” So I used a paper towel and “blotted” the bottle until it looked even. I let the second coat dry as I finished cutting out the last flower.

Once the second coat of Modge Podge was dry, I was happy with the coverage and the color of the bottle. It was now time to place my scrapbook flowers onto the bottle. I had one flower with a flat edge that I knew I wanted placed on the bottom area of the bottle so I started with that one. I brushed Modge Podge on the bottle where I wanted my flower and it acted as the “adhesive.” I placed the flower and was able to slide it a smidge if it wasn’t even. Once it was placed where I wanted it, I made sure it was smooth and brushed Modge Podge over the top of the flower. I “blotted” this coat as well. I then placed the other flowers using the same method and “blotted” over the entire area to make sure it would dry evenly. As the bottle was drying, I was able to clean up my mess and the project was finished.

Wine Bottle Craft Steps

My husband says it looks okay, one friend says she doesn’t like the flowers, and another friend says she does like the flowers. What do you think about my first wine bottle project? Love it, or hate it?

Share some stories or pictures of your first wine bottle projects with me!