This post is inspired by reading a recent post from a new friend in Blog Land.

There are no instructions on how to do your job as a Stay at Home Mom and especially none that tell you how to do it WELL. Most jobs have set tasks and guidelines that you are required to do each day. If you fail to show up on time and complete your job duties, you get fired. I wish it was that easy as a SAHM but it just plain isn’t.

If you are a SAHM that means you probably have a minimum of three people to take care of every day. That includes making sure all three have activities planned, clothes to wear, food to eat, and a somewhat clean-ish home to live in. This is the absolute bare minimum. Most of us have WAY more on our plate than just that.

The part I have struggled the most with is keeping up with housework. The kids somewhat have schedules for their day so it’s pretty obvious what I need to do for/with them. When it came to the housework I felt like I was running in circles every day and never making any progress. When I woke up the next day, anything that had been done was now destroyed again. Where do you even begin?

I have spent numerous hours attempting to find and tweak information on how to successfully plan and schedule my day. Nothing worked. Every time a method failed, I would move on to the next, and it would fail. My husband was frustrated because he felt I wasn’t doing anything all day, every day and I was frustrated because I knew I was but no one could tell.

Then, my lovely neighbor told me about I told her I would have to check it out and, of course, I forgot. In my search for another new solution a couple of weeks later I found something mentioning this Fly Lady again so this time I clicked on the link. I tried doing what she said and some of it worked here and there but I still wasn’t gaining control over my horrendous mess of a life and home. One day, I was fed up and thought I’d try her method for “Crisis Cleaning.” I wasn’t expecting company or anything, I was just to a breaking point and needed guidance and quick results.

Sure enough, my husband came home and NOTICED. He was actually grateful for what I had accomplished and I was on cloud nine that he could tell I had tried.

This was the moment I would say I became a “fly baby.” I have, by no means, mastered her methods. I have simply learned that a little bit of something is way better than a whole lotta nothing.

I have created a printable for you to print and try. It is based on the Fly Lady’s morning routine. Some days, it literally takes me all day to check off all the tasks. Other days, I just don’t get it all accomplished. Either way, I can now see my carpet to vacuum on a regular basis. And that, my friends, is progress!

On the printable there are eight tasks. Most of these are pretty obvious what you need to do in order to check it off. Such as getting dressed and doing one load of laundry. For those that have never heard Fly Lady language, there are a couple I will clarify for you. “Swish & Swipe” simply means go make your bathroom presentable. Wipe the toothpaste off the vanity and clean up the toilet bowl. I like to do this after my daughter is on the school bus so I can clean up her lovely blue toothpaste. “Shine the Sink” simply means make the kitchen sink look nice. Depending on the material your sink is made of a simple squirt of glass cleaner and a towel should suffice. This is a tough one for me because my sink is rarely empty so if my dishes are done and my sink is shiny it feels AWESOME!

My checklist is on the side of my refrigerator with my daughters. We put them both in a plastic sleeve and we use dry erase markers to check off any tasks we’ve accomplished.

I really hope this helps some of you gain a little bit of your sanity and sense of control back. Please let me know if you’ve checked out the Fly Lady site and if my printable has helped at all!

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