Have you ever gone to the store and thought “Wow, that’s such a great price, but we can only use one or two before it goes bad”? Depending on what it is, you really can stock up by freezing the extra.

When I get home from the grocery, the majority of what I bought goes into the freezer. I freeze almost everything. This saves me money in multiple ways.

I freeze cheese, meat, cream cheese, butter, biscuits, crescent rolls, bread, pie crust, corn on the cob, and yogurt. When I find family packs of meat marked down I can separate it into portions we will use for one meal and freeze it. Often times, I run across loaves of bread for half off at my local grocery so I will buy extra to freeze. The deli and bakery always have items marked down that could be frozen. My kids love GoGurt but they never eat the whole box before the date so I can freeze them so they don’t go to waste. This also means they are just perfect for eating when packed in her lunch box.

In the summer time, if I have onions from the garden that are going to go bad I will dice and freeze them to use in cooking. This is, not only, convenient, but also cheaper than buying frozen diced onions at the grocery. I freeze ripe bananas to bake with since most banana recipes call for ripe bananas anyhow. You can freeze flour and breadcrumbs which can save pantry space. I freeze extra pancakes and waffles and put them in the toaster for breakfast before school. I have even frozen fruit snacks and granola bars that were too good a deal to pass up.

When an item we use often goes on sale I can really stock up. If I have coupons for the sale items, it can really add up to some serious savings. By freezing these items, I am able to take advantage of the chance to save without worrying about how much we will actually use before the expiration date.

Since, the closest grocery is 15-20 minutes away, I am not wasting gas and time to go get one or two ingredients for meals. I stock up on the days that I do go to the grocery and when I need something for a meal I look in the freezer.

This also cuts down how often I need to go to the grocery. Instead of going once a week to replace everything I just let go to waste, I am now able to go when there is a good sale, or when I really do need to get a few things. I have gone over a month in between grocery trips without feeling like we had nothing at all to eat.

What’s in your freezer? Anything crazy and unexpected? Do you freeze something that I left out? Let me know!