When I had my daughter, I was 22 and a first time mom. All I knew is that you go to the store and pay money for disposable diapers and then throw them away. This gets outrageously expensive, but I knew no other way.

When I was pregnant with my son, I saw posts galore on Pinterest about cloth diapers. At the time I didn’t even know they still sold cloth diapers and assumed if they did, they were the same Gerber prefolds that our parents used on us… Boy, was I wrong! The sea of different diapering options now available was overwhelming. The “modern” styles of cloth diapers were super cute and reusable. They are made to look and function as a disposable would so it is less intimidating than the prefold and diaper pins were. I decided we were going to go for it, but I knew there was a huge chance that it would not work out so I wanted to keep starting a stash as cheap as possible (after all my main goal was to SAVE money).

I had a friend that had been using cloth diapers for a few years. She no longer needed her newborn size diapers so I was able to purchase those from her.

Instead of a traditional baby shower, we had a gender reveal party and I had registered online for baby registries that included cloth diapers. Most of my favorite diapers were the ones given as gifts.

I found the majority of my stash online. I tried to stay around $5 and under for each diaper. I was surprised at how many options I really had within this price range.

I ordered from three different websites. Although some of the cloth diapering world would call all of my diapers “China Cheapies,” I was pleased with all of them.

Alva Baby diapers make up at least half of my stash. They offer quite a few different options including newborn and one size pocket diapers as well as one size covers. I have a few of each of these styles. The pocket diapers came with inserts and the covers did not.

Kawaii diapers offer much of the same but also have an overnight diaper available, and the difference in these is that the material feels a little heavier and they came with two inserts.

I also ordered some ridiculously cheap diapers from Amazon. They are pocket style diapers that did not come with inserts so I ordered some cotton inserts separately.

All of these diapers got me through different stages with my son and will last through more children. For the newborn stage, the newborn size diapers really were best. The one size didn’t fit until later, even tho they are more adjustable. The one size did fit as he was outgrowing the newborn size and continued to fit until he developed his thunder thighs. Once thunder thighs appeared, the Flip covers and Amazon diapers fit best because they didn’t have the snap at the thigh area.

My cloth diaper stash ended up costing me about $100. If I use my cloth diapers on another child, I will not need to reinvest any additional money. If you buy one $5 package of disposable diapers every week for three years you would spend over $700. Cloth diapers can definitely save a pretty penny.

Are you considering switching to cloth? Share your story with me!